Getting Over Any Fears About Permanent Brows Plus New Training For Beginners Who Can Learn How To Create Gorgeous World Famous Eyebrows!//


Have No Fear Of Having Perfect Brows

Many clients inquire about permanent brows but then get cold feet, or get scared to go through with a painless permanent eyebrow treatment: How can this be?

Is it some horror stories they’ve read? Have you ever seen those young girls with giant slugs on their face and are worried that we would be adorning your forehead with the very same horrifying creatures, that have a life of their own? God forbid we would ever give you brows like those?

The other major fear seems to be the pain? Or perhaps you think your are too old? Or perhaps permanent brows won’t suit you? They might be too dark? Or Omg! they are permanent, what if I don’t like them?

Everyone should have brows like these beauties below, our famous signature hair strokes are being recognised all over the world! And these babies are exactly why?



If these are the thoughts that pop into your head, then we fully understand! Rest assured we know exactly what colour to choose, what shape to create and exactly what will suit you specifically. We will always go lighter and we find that most clients during the procedure actually fall asleep!
So what are you waiting for?

Fancy A New Career In Permanent Make-up?

fundamental-beginners-hairstroke -eyebrow-tattoo-course

We will soon be launching our amazing fundamental beginners training in ‘Permanent Eyebrow’ based right here in Glasgow Scotland. You will learn all the basics of creating beautiful semi-permanent brows, including colour theory, safety in the clinic, marketing your business and of course how we do our amazing hairstroke signature brows! And much more!

Details will be released very soon! To register your interest, call 0141 889 7013 or pm us with your email and contact details.

Quick Reminder Of Our Stunning New
‘Blade n Shade’ Brows Technique!

Blade and shade permanent brows Glasgow Mary Spence

We have put our creative little heads together and crafted the most perfect brows for each and every one of you lovely people!

In this classy new ‘blade n shade’ brow you will find sumptuous whip shading and the finest Nano Hairstrokes available, creating the most gorgeous brow technique yet!

We have a special launch £100 off voucher, which means you will only pay £325 for a limited time only! Voucher is available for clients who want brand new permanent eyebrows! To receive your £100 voucher just comment ‘me’ on Facebook here…!

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