Get Set For The New Year With A Beautiful Set Of Hair-stroke Brows//

What permanent brows style would make you happy to start the new year with? Well, our clients’ do love a hair-stroke brow when they come to our clinic! Out of all the styles it still remains the most popular and most requested eyebrow style.

The hair stroke technique produces a super realistic and very authentic looking set of brows. Most people cannot tell the difference between a hair-stroke brow and a real eyebrow. That’s not all, we also make those hair-stroke brows more perfect looking than any natural brow.

It’s a fact that most people struggle to maintain a perfectly symmetrical and tidy brow line when doing their own make-up. We make that happen for you with perfect hair-strokes! What do you think? Wouldn’t you just love to be adorned with a beautiful, natural set of hair-stroke brows for the new year ahead?

When Your Brows Are Perfect Everything Else Falls Into Place

Have A Look At Mary’s Latest Eyebrows!


Mary is our platinum elite level artist at the MDB clinic! She’s a bit OCD in a really nice way and a complete perfectionist! Which is great news when tattooing your face! For more info on having dream brows like these, contact us below!

Happy New Brows For 2018!

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