Hairstroke Eyebrow Tattoos Really Do Make Clients Happy And Make For A Hassle Free Make-up Day//


The OMG! Look At My New Brows Moment

This is how amazing your new permanent eyebrows will look when you have Mary Spence work her magic! Getting more and more popular by the month. The hairstroke ‘Million Dollar Signature Brow‘ style looks so natural you might forget you’ve had a permanent cosmetic eyebrow treatment!

Whether your brows just won’t grow back anymore, or like the rest of us you indulged in a bit too much ‘over tweezing’, at least now you have a beautiful cosmetic solution. All our clients say they’ve never looked back. How it works is genius and simple. Tiny realistic hair strokes are pigmented into the superficial layers of your skin, meaning they don’t wash off and will be there awake before you each morning looking perfect and stunning. The pre-treatment eyebrow design template is unique to you and will be a perfectly symmetrical shape that fits your facial structure and colour. These will be the eyebrows you always wanted and could never apply yourself!

This weeks Beautiful Hairstroke Brows Selection

Permanent Eyebrows Glasgow Before After Hairstroke Brows

Check Out These Beautiful Brows

Who would ever guess that these gorgeous eyebrows are tattooed? Super natural yet totally defined!


Video Of Hairstroke Brows Immediately After Mary Finishes Treatment

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