Hair-stroke Brows Treatment For Men’s Alopecia Thinning And Hair-loss Case study//

How Permanent Brows Can Remedy Men’s Alopecia

You all know that at the MDB clinic we create beautiful and authentic eyebrows for our lovely lady clients. Did you know that we also treat men for various hair-loss conditions such as Alopecia, no brows, unsightly scar tissue and men who also just want a beautiful new set of million dollar brows, for their own aesthetic reasons.

We often fix men’s brows which are too thin or gone due to a medical condition or from partial hair-loss, as is the case with the lovely gentleman featured in the above and below pictures. You can clearly see how permanent hair-stroke brows can transform a man to make him look and feel like a million bucks. Yes, the men can have lovely, well groomed and natural looking brows too!

The case study example on this page was work carried out by Paula McDonald this week at the clinic. The gentleman was one happy customer!

So Gentlemen, whether its Alopecia, thinning hair or you just fancy an exciting change. We can work our magic on your brows!

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