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Various Styles Of Hair-stroke Brows From Thick To Fine To Medical

—Super Defined Million Dollar Signature Brows—


—Super-fine Million Dollar Signature Eyebrows And Eyeliner—


We Know It’s Only Eyebrows But Small Changes Make A Huge Difference

Brows that grow lower at the tail can often drag the face downwards. The image below shows a beautiful example of how correctly designedΒ brows will change and freshen up the appearance of the face.

Medical Hair-strokes Provide A Solution For This Man’s Alopecia


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  • Samantha Posted 28th May 2017 11:31 am

    Hello I’m looking for a price to get my eyebrows tattooed on? Also how long do they last, and how long do they take to get done? Thanks

    • Mary Spence Posted 28th May 2017 3:59 pm

      Hello Samantha,

      Thank you for contacting Million Dollar Brows. We are open Tuesday till Friday 9-5pm and if you get in touch, we will happily answer all the questions in your message. There is quite a lot of information on the website if you want to do some more research on permanent brows. Meantime we would love to hear from you so we can answer these questions directly related to your specific requirements and style preferences.
      Please call the Million Dollar Brows clinic direct on 0141 889 7013 Tuesday to Friday.

      Thanks again for getting in touch,

      Mary Spence

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