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Signature Million Dollar Hairstroke Brows Mary Spence Glasgow

Does The Perfect Brow Imbue You With Confidence?

Perfection is a fearsome brag most of us would think, but please just have a look at these ‘Super Sexy Brows’ pictured below and ask yourself if having these perfect eyebrows wouldn’t be a dream come true. Imagine waking up to these gorgeous, maintenance free eyebrows every morning! These signature million dollar hairstrokes were created for our very lovely client Sadie at the clinic last week! Soft yet super gorgeous and defined! What more could a girl want!


Does The Perfect Peel help improve acne and acne scars?

The Perfect Peel formula was designed to help improve various problematic skin conditions, and acne management is a major factor in what this treatment is tailored to resolve!

The Perfect Peel helps minimize the damage and scarring that comes from acne. It is the Glutathione which is the number one ingredient. This has never been used in a chemical peel until now. This wondrous, nature born chemical helps increase cellular turnover to dramatically improve stubborn acne scars.

Do you have problematic skin and would love to find the answer? Well…look no further.


More About Chemical Face Peels…

Chemical peels will remove the dead cells that build up in pores. Once these dead cells are removed, the acid can clean deep in to the pores to remove acne bacteria. Chemical peels also stimulate collagen and elastin, which help to plump skin and reduce the size of the pores. Regular peels have also been scientifically proven to reduce acne formation.

We would love to help you if you have problematic skin, whether it’s fine lines and wrinkles to acne and acne scarring we have the answer! Based on multi award winning products and a sound knowledge we can tailor treatment programs to ensure your skin gets exactly what it needs.

The Perfect peel is suitable for all skin types and works magic on all skin concerns?


It has been clinically proven to;

• Improve the overall tone and texture of your skin
• Lighten and brighten your skin
• Remove or reduce sun damage and age spots
• Reduce pore size and soften fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce or eliminate Hyperpigmentation and acne scars
• Improve acne skin conditions and Melasma
• Stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer skin
• Slow down the aging process and prevent wrinkle


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