Your New Permanent Brows Will Have Your Friends Complimenting You On Your Amazing Make-up Skills!//


OMG Eyebrows This Amazing Must Be Real!

Look how amazing these brows look, so natural only you will know you’ve had a permanent cosmetic make-up treatment. All your friends will comment on how perfect your brows are.


Whether you fell victim to over tweezing in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or Noughties, your brows just wont grow back! At last we have a solution! We can create tiny realistic hair strokes that are pigmented into the superficial layers of your skin, meaning that they won’t wash off! This will Leave you in awe each day knowing that you have those perfectly shaped brows you’ve always wanted!

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Ana Hits The Cat Walk For Charity!

Our lovely client Ana, pictured below with her new hairstroke brows, is taking part in a brilliant event and fund raiser for one of our favourite and cherished Breast Cancer Charities. The ladies participating have been called the ‘Brave Scottish Super Models’ We are sure Ana and all these courageous women are going to rock the cat walk and raise lots of money for the breast cancer charity!


You can read all about this amazing charity event here…

More Results From The Perfect Peel At S.A.G.

Yes, The Perfect Peel will completely transform your skin into younger looking, cleaner and glowing healthy skin within a week. Check out the before and after pic below to see how the peel completely refreshes and brings back the youthful vigour of the client’s skin.


Do You Know About Clean & Lean Powder?

Have you lovely ladies and guys seen this amazing product we offer at our clinic? Studies show that poor gut health can make it significantly harder to lose weight. So you need a tried and tested, healthy product that helps and is beneficial to your Stomach health. If you are struggling to shed the pounds, then why not try ‘Clean & Lean Powder‘. It is an amazing, award winning formula that combines natural fibre, Konjac root, prebiotics, probiotics & gut healing nutrients – all powerful and quite magical ingredients to help you optimise gut health & help you lose weight.

Start your day off on the right foot and start your journey back to better health

Fat Freezing Results On Real People

Real People & Real Results3D-Lipo Fat Freezing Inch Loss1 Treatment OnlyNon InvasiveNon Surgical ⭐  Great Alternative to LiposuctionPain FreeResults Driven

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