Ombré Brows Versus Powdered Brows The Subtle Difference In These Two Popular Eyebrows//


Ombré Styled Brow

Ombré Eyebrow Style produces a slightly different result than the regular shaded brow technique. More subtle, softer shading is used with the brow tail being emphasized to make it look super defined. Often called the soft, diffused brow look. This style has proven popular and is a very attractive option for many ladies.

Powdered Brow Style

The Powdered Brow Technique is also known as the shaded brow style and gives the effect of a full bodied and colour rich eyebrow. Each eyebrow shading is unique to the individual client, tailored to their needs and facial shape. The result of the powdered brow effect is a bold, striking and high definition look.



Missing Eyebrow Before & After PMU

Replacing Missing Eyebrows with permanent cosmetic make-up is a treatment we carry out here at MDB on a regular basis. There are many reasons why a client may have no eyebrows left, such as years of overplucking, hairloss from medical procedures, or perhaps the client suffers from Alopecia. Whatever the reason as you can see from the picture below, we are able to remedy the hair-less eyebrow situation by creating a beautiful new set of permanent brows.


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