Fibroblast Eyelid Tightening With Permanent Brows To Match//


Above and below pictures show just how amazing the resultsΒ are that Mary has been able to achieve with her Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening Treatments. It’s obvious from the photos that this is a wondrous, modern procedure that clients have been waiting years to experience. No more extortionate prices and going under the surgical knife. The Fibroblast treatment is now available and affordable to the general public. We think you’ll agree Mary’s skills with the magic plasma device are amazing, just looking at these before and after results.

Permanent Eyebrows Glasgow Before After Hairstroke Brows

From Perfect Eyelids To These Perfect Brows

Super Soft Natural Hairstroke Brows. Clients and industry leaders have called Mary Spence one of the best hair stroke eyebrow technicians in the world, you be the judge. Clients have already voted and rated Million Dollar Brows as the best Permanent Brows Clinic in Scotland! Sorry we don’t often gloat!


Sparse Unshapely Brows Can Become Dream Brows

Creating perfect brows from sparse or almost absent brow hair is our speciality. We love a challenge! and this picture below shows how we took this client’s very sparse and untidy brows into the next dimension of beauty. With eyebrows now resembling that of super model’s ultra perfect look, this lady was one happy girl leaving the clinic.


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