The Comparisons Below Show How Different Your Brows Can Make You Look//

Comparing Different Looks With-Hairstroke-Brows

Us MDB girls believe a classic brow shape is so very important. Having a classic Eyebrow shape which doesn’t necessarily adhere to high fashion means its timeless and will never age. Angled, high arched brows can often give a permanent expression which can make us look angry, surprised, sad or confused. Even worse, like a Disney cartoon character!

People should see you first and not your brows, they should enhance your look naturally. Just look how the different brow styles below completely change how Angelina appears to us, it’s like a collage of varying attitudes, emotions and moods!


Let’s Talk About Hair Strokes

Hair-stroke Eyebrows are one of our most requested looks in our world renowned clinic.

They are super versatile and are designed to suit you as an individual! Very clever indeed!

So if your the glamorous type that wants a more structured, bolder brow (top pic) or more of a natural girl that wants super fine, less is more kind of brow (below pic) then hair strokes are your permanent brow choice!

We are highly regarded cosmetic make-up artists at MDB. We can create and design a new set of brows that will have that special something that suits every individual. Also, most importantly, we are here to guide you!

What’s Your Favourite Brow Look From These 2 Hair-stroke Styles?


Wishing You All Fabulous Hair-stroke Brows For 2018!

Let Us Create Your Perfect Hair Strokes!

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