Exciting News And Special Announcements From The Million Dollar Brows Clinic//


Important New Arrivals At The MDB Clinic

We would just like to make a few special announcements this week as to what new and exciting things are taking off over at the MDB clinic. Firstly and it is with great pleasure, we would like you all to congratulate our very own Mary Spence who has excelled herself and is now a platinum elite PMU technician at the MDB clinic. Congratulations Mary, all the hard work and commitment has paid off! Needless to say Mary is now available for bookings. This is great news for all concerned as you guys have often asked us for a later appointment or a weekend appointment. Ask and you shall receive!

Now Mary has qualified to platinum elite level of practice, she has been let loose! She is now available and very willing to accept bookings at the clinic on Saturdays to help fulfill your requests. Remember right now she is offering a special brows price of £425, details below:

We thought we would give you all a BIG incentive to help jump start your relationship with us as your PMU artists at the clinic, you can book Mary’s Hair-stroke or Ombrè brows at a very attractive introductory price of £20 off! So hopefully you’ll take us up on this excellent offer. We are sure everyone involved will be extremely happy with the outcome, as you can see for yourself below;

Selection Of Mary’s Recent Hair-stroke & Ombre Brows Work Here At The Clinic


Bold-Powder-Brows-Style-Super-Gorgeous-Million-Dollar-BrowsInterested in this special offer? Call us at the clinic!

Scotland’s Most Sought After Laser Technician Is Here!

Almost every day we are asked if we can correct permanent eyebrows that have been poorly done at other clinics. Occasionally we can offer a solution, but often the client’s brows have to be completely removed in order to free up the creative space, allowing us to give you the beautiful brows you deserve.

Our second big announcement this week is the fact that we now have on board the best possible professional help for this all to common ‘bad brows’ nightmare situation. We are over the Moon to let you know that we have secured Scotland’s finest laser technician, regarded in the industry as the best in his field. Stuart Neil will hold court with us twice a month at the clinic where he will start the process of your ‘brow recovery’.

Watch Stuart Work His Laser Magic On These Bad Brows Below.

Fibroblast Technology Coming Soon To MDB//

Would you love a proper face lift without the surgery and the price tag?
With Fibroblast Technology now coming to the beauty industry, this is a reality.

Fibroblasts are the main connective tissue cells present in the body. Using the latest state of the art techniques and advancements in medical equipment, we can now tighten and lift the problem areas of the face and skin that cause sagging and wrinkles. With this new fibroblast technique there is no surgery involved and it’s a relatively pain free treatment. We are pleased to announce that this unique treatment is coming soon to the Million Dollar Brows clinic. We shall keep you posted!

Pictures Of Fibroblast Technology


For all information on either Mary’s eyebrows special deal, a session with Laser Technician Stuart, or more information regarding the Fibroblast treatments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. CALL – 0141 889 7013


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  • Elizabeth Smith Posted 8th March 2017 8:55 am

    Was wondering if Paula’s introductory offer of £195 has all gone

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