Everyone Is Talking About 3D-lipo Results And Obviously This Is Why!//


The 3D Lipo results are as good as anything surgery has to offer, but without the obvious expense, down time, pain and risks of complications. Our 3D-Lipo Fat Reduction Technology is pain free, non-invasive, no downtime and a completely credible alternative to surgery. As you can see it produces undeniably fantastic results. Most importantly, we can tailor treatment packages to suit exactly what you need and want.

Here’s a little insight in to some of the incredible work achieved with 3D-lipo fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite removal treatments. Some of these lovely clients pictured on this page are only half way through their bespoke Fat Removal treatments. Imagine the results after their full course of the 3D-Lipo has finished!.

3D Lipo Results At Skin Aesthetics Glasgow

Do you recognize any of these celebrities and well known personalities pictured below? They all have one thing in common and that is that they swear by and love their 3D-lipo treatments. They obviously know their stuff and have been advised by the top names in the health and beauty industry that the best fat reduction treatments are the various 3D Lipo treatment now available to one and all. There is a 3D Lipo solution available for any weight loss concern you may have.

Whether it’s cellulite, loose skin or especially those stubborn fatty areas that you just can’t get rid of no matter how much exercise you take and no matter how strict your diet. We can help. Let Kerry at Skin Aesthetics Glasgow apply her know how and expertise with her 3D Lipo skills. All Kerry’s clients are amazed with their results.


The DUO Fat Freeze Treatment. Both of these treated areas pictured below will reduce fat cells by up to 40%, resulting in a more sculpted and contoured waistline. Kerry at Skin Aesthetics Glasgow will shape, sculpt and contour your body with a prescriptive and unique approach to your fat removal. Start your journey to a slimmer you, just in time for summer!


Regenerative Micro-Skin-Needling. Would you like smoother, brighter an rejuvenated skin? If the answer is YES then you might like to hear what we have on offer for you.

Do you have concerns about;

Photo-damaged & ageing skin
•Facial & décolletage lines and wrinkles
•Impaired texture & tone
•Acne scarring
•Stretch marks

If so then Regenerative Micro-Skin-Needling is the perfect treatment for you, check out these results below;

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