Bold Dramatic Eyebrows For A Strong Confident Look//

Dramatic Brows Bold Permanent Eyebrow Style by Mary Spence

Dramatic Brows – This page features one of our clients who requested bold, large and dramatic looking eyebrows. Fortunately for her, she has the perfect shaped face and eye-line symmetry for this style of brow to work. She also has the right facial contours that suit larger, heavier permanent brows.

We have over the years at the MDB clinic developed our very own technique for achieving this very attractive dramatic brow look. We have therefore re-named this style or heavier set brows look as the ‘Dramatic Brows’ style. You can request this style of eyebrow tattooing at the clinic. It is definitely a bold, permanent make-up style for those who need a confidence boost or for those of you who already have confidence and like to look a million bucks!

Video Showcasing The Dramatic Brows Style

The dramatic brows treatment and procedure includes hair-stroke and shaded 3D eyebrow tattooing. We are sure you will agree that this ladies dramatic eyebrows are both fitting and stunning for her facial type, giving her a very bold and confident look.

If you are interested in finding out more about the dramatic eyebrow style,

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