Creating Eyebrows Out Of Nowhere Is Pure Magic!//

Eyebrow Restructuring By Lifting Brow Tail With Permanent Make-up Image

No Eyebrow Hair, No Worries, We’ll Fix That!

For the client below we created a tail for her brows using our signature hair strokes technique! As you can see from the results, her new brows are so realistic you would never have guessed that it’s cosmetic tattooing! The before and after photos show how the Hair-stroke magic can work for anyone who has badly over-plucked or missing eyebrows.

Missing Brow Tail Hair

Creating hair-stroke brows when browtail is missing
This lovely little lady below came to us with high hopes of getting her brows looking like a Million Dollars. The lady had no natural eyebrow hair whatsoever and actually detested getting her face wet. She informed us that every time she did, her eyebrows would smudge off. Not anymore, as you can see in the picture below, the lady now has a perfectly natural looking set of eyebrows and is very much enjoying her new, no hassle, no smudge brow situation, that’s what she told us, Thank you for that! x

No Brow Hair Whatsoever

Creating Brows From Nothing No Natural Hair

The lady above suffers from ‘Alopecia Brow’ This is a case of Eyebrows having no natural hair due to years of excessive tweezing.

Creating Eyebrows After Chemotherapy Hair Loss


In the photo above, natural hair-stroke brows ensure that they look uber natural even when chemotherapy makes you loose all your natural brow hair! You really would never know this lady’s eyebrows are a tattoo created after the chemo had caused her hair loss.

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