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Mary Spence Applies Cosmetic Scalp Camouflage Treatment To Hide Ugly Scars

Eyebrow Medical Conditions Permanent Make-up Treatments

Many clients seek permanent make-up for a whole host of reasons, some choose us because they wish a brighter fresher more youthful appearance, women and men of all ages choose to have permanent make-up as it’s less invasive and more cost effective than surgery, repositioning and redefining the brow can roll back the clock by at least 10 years. What ever the reason the most important aspect is feeling more confident and when you have a medical condition which results in the loss of hair, permanent makeup can be life changing. I have had the pleasure and was very honoured to help these ladies suffering from conditions including Alopecia, Trichotillomania and ladies who have completed their journey with breast cancer treatment.

Alopecia Sufferer Eyebrows
Before & After Treatment

Trichotillomania Medical Condition
Before & After Treatment

Bad Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos
Corrected Before & After

Male Alopecia Brows Treatment & Pixelated Lash Enhancement
‘Tiny Dots Of Colour Placed Where The Lash Line Should Be When The Natural Lashes Have Gone Due To A Medical Condition’

Hair Loss can be difficult to come to terms with, especially losing the hair on your eyebrows! This is obviously a defining feature of your identity. If you start to lose your brow hair, it can feel as if you’re losing a major part of your identity, a very sensitive issue for most people.  This condition can really affect your self-confidence. Permanent cosmetics can provide you with an excellent solution, in that it will give you back a huge boost in confidence that you felt you had lost. Just take a look at the male Alopecia sufferer in the video, as you can see the results are very authentic, rewarding and well worth your consideration.

We Can Help With Unsightly Scars And Partial Hair Loss

At Million Dollar Brows we offer medical cosmetic treatments which can help camouflage ugly Scar Tissue and Partial Hair loss areas of the scalp using permanent cosmetic make-up for skin colour matching and blending.

Alopecia Client Showing Results Of Hair Follicle Simulation On Eyelids

We would like to feature the gentleman pictured left as a way of giving people suffering from hair-loss conditions some hope, hope that their condition has a solution using our modern PMU procedures. This client is one of our many clients who suffer from Alopecia. This debilitating condition quite often reduces a person’s confidence to nil. Alopecia sufferers frequently have no bodily hair left, this can lead to self-esteem issues.

Using permanent make-up as a hair follicle simulation treatment, we are able to transform peoples lives who have quietly suffered for years from these hair-loss conditions. The gentleman in the picture had us create natural looking Eyeline hair follicles, re-creating small, yet realistic eyelashes which are missing. He reports that the treatment has made him feel a million times better already and he feels like his eyelashes and eyelids have returned to normal.

We can offer a free private consultation in absolute confidentiality, at which time we will devise a suitable plan to establish the best method of treatment that’s tailored to your specific needs. We will demonstrate how medical cosmetic tattooing can work wonders and how it will improve the appearance of the affected areas that require treatment. From experience this will restore your confidence. Please note this treatment is suitable for only partial hair loss and not large areas.

Here are some examples where permanent cosmetic make-up has been used to soften the appearance of partial hair loss or scarring.

Replacing A Missing Brow Medical Eyebrow Tattoos


Client Who Needed Help With Partial Baldness


Client Who Needed Help With Scalp Scarring Before & After

Prices For Medical Condition Cosmetic Make-up

We cannot possibly have a general price in place for medical cosmetic treatments, as each and every client is completely unique. After your initial consultation where every aspect of your condition will be discussed, we will suggest the appropriate treatment needed. The cost will reflect the time needed for the cosmetic make-up work to be carried out. Rest assured you are in the best of hands and from our experience with many clients, you will leave the Million Dollar Brows clinic feeling like a new person!

If you have been suffering in silence or are just embarrassed by one of these many correctable medical conditions, please get in touch, we are here to help and provide a solution to your problem.

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