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Bad Cosmetic Eyebrow Make-up Corrected Before & After

We often see bad PMU work: This lovely lady below unfortunately had a bad experience with a previous permanent eyebrow make-up treatment. Feeling very distraught and angry, she sought professional advice. Her specialist recommended laser tattoo removal, a bit extreme, but that outcome in itself just goes to show that you have to research a PMU technician before placing your trust in them. You need to verify a technician’s reputation, portfolio, testimonials and qualifications before you commit to any treatment.

Good PMU advice: We are sounding a bit harsh here, but seriously this is no petty jibe at other PMU technicians. It is simply good sound advice which will help you to avoid future permanent make-up corrections, or in this case laser tattoo removal!


Million Dollar Hair-stroke Brows: In this particular case the lady came to us after her laser treatment and asked for advice, since she was still very keen on having her eyebrows done the way she had seen them advertised. She had by this time also carried out some thorough research on Scottish PMU technicians! She also wanted her new brows finished as possible. You can play with the picture above to show her before and after results. When she arrived for her treatment we applied our beautiful bespoke Million Dollar Hair-stroke Brows, our signature style. These photos above show a lady who tells us she is now very very happy with her stunning new eyebrows!

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