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A Very Moving Testimonial From Margaret Cummings

Million Dollar Brows Client Margaret Mary Cummings gives a lovely testimonial about her new Hair-stroke eyebrows treatment just completed by Mary Spence. She emphasizes that fact that she no longer has to bother with a long and laborious early morning eyebrow make-up routine, which is a blessing in the country where she now resides, more on that in a moment!

We were very moved and pleasantly surprised to learn that Margaret had another very poignant story to share with the general public and our regular Million Dollar Brows viewing audience when it was revealed that she and her husband have been running a charity funded primary school in Malawi Africa since September 2007.

We were taken aback by Margaret’s courageous and heart warming story as she continued to tell us more about the school for underprivileged kids she is running to great success in this east African country. Working alongside the charity operated school, there is also a feeding program she has helped set up for the children. This amazing food service provides 2 complete and nourishing square meals per day for all the school kids.

When the project first started back in 2007, the student role call was 750 pupils. As of today October 25th 2016, there are some 1560 pupils, all primary school age teaching primary 1 to primary 8 lessons. In May this year the charity under Margaret’s careful supervision launched their new nursery school to accommodate the younger children in the region. The nursery school children also get 2 very nutritious square meals per day and there are already 100 kids attending the nursery school each day.

As you can see in Margaret’s video testimonial above she is delighted and over the moon that 3 boys and 3 girls from her school have just been accepted into a private secondary boarding school, which is a remarkable achievement considering the background and struggle these kids have come from, congratulations to those pupils!

This meeting with Margaret at the MDB clinic, for what we assumed to be a regular permanent eyebrow make-up appointment has blown us away and we feel compelled to do something about it and try to help the charity and the school work that Margaret and her husband manage miles away over on the other side of Africa!

It just goes to show that you never ever know who is going to walk through your front door and have huge impact on your outlook to life. We have therefore promised to do all we can to raise awareness and funding support for Margaret’s school charity through our numerous contacts, clients and social media profiles, we only hope that you too can spread the word.

We would just like to say a big thank you to Margaret for not only being a wonderful PMU client, but also giving us an amazing opportunity to help in any way we can with this truly noble and wonderful cause.
Here’s all the vital information regarding the Malawi kids school charity below.

The Nora Docherty Charity Foundation

Margaret Mary Cummings set up the Nora Docherty Primary School in Malawi in memory of her late mum. Now, five years later, her friend Alan Macdonald has collected money to help fund the facility, which provides hundreds of children in the Dedza region with education as well as food and water.

Nora Docherty Charitable Foundation Malawi Primary School.

Nora Docherty Charitable Foundation’s charitable objectives:

“To advance the education of pupils at the Nora Docherty Primary School, Chiluzi, Dedza, Malawi by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities and resources for education at the school. This will include the provision of teaching equipment including jotters, books, pencils , pens, computers and teaching aids. ln addition to attract and retain teachers the Trust will supplement teachers salaries with an annual gift and the provision of a bicycle to aid travel. To promote the advancement of community development by providing an Adult Literacy Program in Chiluzi.”

“The annual cost of resources including teachers salaries will be met by the Trust. To provide resources aimed to improve the health of the pupils and the community. This will include a daily feeding programme whereby each child attending the school will receive a fortified meal each day. In addition the Trust will provide the families of new entrants to the school with a large Insecticide Treated Malaria Net. Resources will be provided to ensure ongoing maintenance/renewal of school latrines and washing facilities for the children. To provide resources for the improvement of the environment which will include the construction of a new school building to relieve pressure on the school capacity, the planting of trees in the surrounding area to fuel environmentally efficient wood burning stoves for the feeding kitchens along with the provision of additional teachers houses on campus. For the public benefit to promote the further education of children from Chiluzi , Malawi in such ways as the charity’s trustees think fit including awarding to such persons scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants.”

Recently Chiluzi Was Upgraded To A Full Primary School

In May 24, 2016 the Chiluzi Primary School in Traditional Authority (T/A) Kasumbu in Dedza is now a full primary (FP) courtesy of the Nora Docherty Charitable Foundation of Scotland. Head teacher Edward Ziwoya said the school  which started in 2001 with no school blocks, used to enroll only 400 pupils in standard One and Two but to date, it has 1 600 pupils from Standards One to Eight.

New Nursery School At Chiluzi Chiluzi-Dedza-Malawi

The school blocks have boosted enrollment because no pupil would wish to learn in the open. Two, there are a lot of incentives from the foundation for both teachers and pupils. The foundation introduced a school feeding program and gives pupils free uniforms every year to keep them in school. Other incentives such as bicycles, salary top up and decent houses, are given to teachers to maintain them at the school.

Before this approach, many children were dropping out to venture into businesses, search for jobs in South Africa and marry at early ages and the school had only four teachers yet now it enjoys services of 20 teachers.
Peter and Margaret Cummings, foundation owners, said apart from upgrading the school, the Foundation has also constructed a modern nursery school as a foundation for the children in the catchment communities before they join primary school. Dedza District Education Manager (DEM) Monica Kapachika thanked the foundation for the project.

Recent Foundation Fund Raising Success Stories

Brewers Donate Profits To Malawi Primary School
As well as the innovative Beer brewers pictured above with the school kids who are donating all their profits to the foundation, local Scottish folks have also been playing their part by contributing to the charity through their own fund raising efforts. One such person is Alan Mac Donald from Dumbarton who ran the Glasgow half marathon in aid of the school and has already raised over £700 with donations still coming in.
Alan said: “This is something I have felt so strongly about. Before the school opened in 2007 there were no classes in the area and a lot of kids had no education at all. These are kids who have basically got nothing. Now, five years on, the school not only educates but also provides a uniform and feeds all of the 1700 children who attend every day, many of whom have to walk for two-and-a-half hours to get there.”

Nora Docherty Charity Information Page here….

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