Eyeliner And Brows That Cleopatra Would Be Proud Of//

Cleopatra's Eyeliner Still Popular Today

Kitten Flick Eyeliner Cleopatra Would Love To Wear!

Just looking at the ancient Egyptian Papyrus painting above, you can see why this timeless Eyeliner style is still so popular today. The world has always loved the ‘Cleopatra’ look. Every culture from the four corners of the globe has had it’s own version of the ‘Kitten Flick Liner’ for centuries.

It’s not only a bold, beautiful and striking eyeliner style, there is something majestic about it and it brings a classic mysticism to a woman’s eyes. In modern times it’s still very popular to. Central Scotland for one loves the kitten flick eyeliner style. Client’s have been coming to us for years to get the ‘Cleopatra’ look. We’ve been told we are very good at it, check out picture below. We don’t quite have the experience of a couple of thousand years, but we’ve pretty much been adorning our ladies eyes with semi-permanent flick liner for a long time. Get in touch and have us create this enigmatic and timeless eyeliner style for your eyes!

What Do You Think Of This Ladies Eyeliner?


We don’t just do brows at our million dollar clinic we also do eyes! And when we do… we do them like this!

Pretty Hairstroke Brows For One Of Paula’s Clients Today

Paula has mentioned that she’s filling up spots fast and struggling to fit clients into the busy Summer schedule. Now would be the best time to get in touch with Paula to make sure you can secure your appointment. Why wouldn’t you with the results on this lovely lady pictured below?


Bad Plasma Skin Tightening Story From Down South

Why come to us for your plasma skin treatments when it is cheaper elsewhere?

Well, we will tell you why! It’s because we are the best at what we do and take every step to make your treatment successful and absolutely safe. Let us elaborate a little…

If you come to us, you might pay a little more than the salon a few miles away but you are paying for expertise, high quality training, the best plasma device available, the cheaper practitioners are often not using plasma at all and damaging your skin with an electrical unregulated pen, our customer care and our beautiful clinic to have the work carried out. To finish, if that wasn’t enough, you are paying to have the Plasma Pen trainer for Scotland work on you herself.

Besides all of the above, our success rate for one time treatments is huge. The repercussions of not using the best are devastating to say the least. This is your face for goodness sakes! Don’t settle for second best, you are worth more than that and that’s what we promise we’ll give you.


We have posted the image above showing a statement from a fellow aesthetics technician, so we’re just going to leave this here for you to read and consider the implications of bad practices, just to prove a point. This scenario has just happened this week to a new client of ours who mistakenly took the cheaper route. She’s doin fine now!

If you would like any further information just send us a FB message on the page or use the email form on this website to get in touch. Thank you – Team MDB


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Cleopatra Says so!!!


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