Beautiful Classic Permanent Eyeliner Styles You Will Love//


We thought today we would featureΒ  2 of our very popular and favourite cosmetic make-up treatments. Those PMU treatments are world famous and have taken the beauty industry by storm. We are talking about your eyes and classic Eyeliner styles, liner styles that have made everyone of our clients extremely happy with the results.

Smokey Eyeliner Classic Permanent Eye Make-up


Who wants a smokey eyeliner? This liner is super sexy, Hollywood dreamy and a big bit sassy! It’s a classic style and for good reason, it has never lost it’s appeal, thei eyeliner style is still bang on trend. We adore it and so do our clients. We believe that you will love the Smokey Eyeliner to.Β  Contact us below for our 2017 prices and availability.

Latino Flick Eyeliner Classic Permanent Eye Make-up


The picture above shows only the Latino Eyeliner treatment from a two in one treatment we carried out where first we create a new set of permanent hair-stroke brows and then apply the Latino Flick Liner immediately after!

Can you imagine waking up every morning with your make-up absolutely perfect and good to go!

Video Showing 2 In 1 Brows And Latino Flick Liner Immediately After Treatment

For Classic Eyeliner Styles You’ll Love To Wake Up With!

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