Yes, You Need To Choose Your PMU Clinic Wisely, After All They Are Tattooing Your Face!//

Plolite Warning Against Bad Permanent Cosmetic Make-up Artists

Good Day Everyone!

We’ve been having a couple of teeny tiny rants this week. We really do hate to be negative but when we do, it is with the very best of intentions and your interests at heart.

We are finding more and more people contacting us to assist and give our expertise in helping fix a Cosmetic Make-up procedure that went wrong …. with another technician!

This applies to Fibroblast a well as Eyebrows. Now we don’t mind assisting if we can, however when someone has chosen to go elsewhere and then come to you to fix what went wrong, then obviously we need to start asking why.

The most frequent answer is that they had a deal on Groupon, or they were cheaper. In this industry, and we can’t stress this enough, cheap is never ever best. Things are cheap for a reason.

Our training is never ending, it is very expensive, our products and equipment are very expensive, our premises are very expensive. This is because at the platinum and highest level of qualifications, we are and need to be the best, we also want the best results for our clients. We will never stop improving to be sure we maintain this platinum elite level and standard of service.

Elite Level Cosmetic Make-upArtist Mary Spence SPCP Member

Our days are often filled trying to fix other technician’s shoddy work, or helping fix something someone else did wrong. This is not how it should work. Would you go to the dentist to have your hair cut? No of course you wouldn’t!

Ask these very same questions when carrying out your PMU Technician research:

* Do you choose a clinic that is purpose designed for the treatment you want? – Yes, of course you do!
* Do you go to people trained to work with skin, and know skin and know exactly what they are doing and are talking about? – Yes, of course you do!
* Do you want to go to the people who train others in how to do cosmetic make-up correctly? – Yes, of course you do!
* Do you deserve any less?Β  – Absolutely not!

We hope you can take the positive from this warning.Β We will always be here to help people find a solution, because that’s what we do and it’s who we are. But we hope by posting this, it will nudge anyone with doubts really think again about their permanent make-up choices.

Lots Of Love,

The MDB Team x

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