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R.I.P Lesley – Thank you for your inspiration x

We’ve launched our own Fundraiser for Lesley Graham!

The Million Dollar Brows team have signed up for this months race for life! I’m sure we all know someone who is battling this horrible disease so we are raising funds for a cause that Is very close to our hearts! Please sponsor us and maybe we can make a difference! ?

Please go here to help the cause – MDB’s Fundraiser Page

“Urgent Update On Lesley Graham’s Plight, Please Read!”

It is with a heavy heart that I share again the story and plight of my friend Lesley Graham, you may remember our blog post feature below a few months back regarding the daily record coverage about Lesley winning her fight against breast cancer and having her eyebrows done at our clinic.
Yesterday was her 39th Birthday. However this week has been the hardest one ever for her – as fit, heathy and wonderful as she looks, she has been given 4 / 6 months to live. I have really struggled with getting my head around this, never mind how she, Colin, Charlotte and Rebeka are coming to terms with it. Lesley faced this disease with such dignity, resilience and gut determination to truly kick cancer’s butt that we all believed she had done it! Lesley will fight every step of her journey, her strength of character will buy her time I know that much without a doubt.She told me a long time ago ‘that if it wants a fight, it picked the right person!’. She wants to do whatever she can do to prolong her life, and whatever she can do to give her the best quality of life on her journey.

Her daughter’s P7 Prom is in June and she wants to see her start High School. We have been on the case investigating Treatment in Germany and drugs that are available but are just too expensive to be given out on the NHS.
Lesley wants to give it her all, so we are stepping in to help raise awareness in our local community and the surrounding areas.

I’m pretty sure all of you reading this do not need to look far, reach out your hand and you’ll probably touch someone who’s been affected by this awful disease. My own partner lost his mum to the very same illness, so Lesley’s journey is even more poignant, something that has touched our family very personally.

A fundraising page has been set up for anyone and all to help Make Magical Memories’, if you can help with even a little donation, it all adds up and we are looking for a miracle even if its just the miracle of time! When you lose your faith in humanity something can happen that helps to restore it, lets show what the power in us coming together can generate.
Please help if you can, like, share and comment this post and the link below, one post on Facebook can reach 1000’s of people very quickly, when it goes viral, MUCH further than we can.  Thanks for your help!

Visit here for details – Lesley’s Fundraiser

Lesley Graham Cancer Survivor Gets Cosmetic Makeup

Daily Record News Paper Glasgow Feature Lelsie Graham At Million Dollar Brows Image
Daily Record Newspaper Features Cancer Patient’s Eyebrow Treatment at the MDB clinic
Today was a little different at the Million Dollar Brows clinic. We had the Daily record newspaper visit us and spend the whole day with, asking questions, finding out the facts and taking snaps of our permanent makeup treatments in action! The newspaper featured one of our permanent cosmetic makeup clients Leslie Graham, who is a lovely lady and is a good friend of mine. She lost her eyebrows due to chemo therapy cancer treatment recently, this is why she needed my help. She is such an inspiration to all cancer patients and the rest of us. She continues to carry a really positive message even after her ordeal. Our story should feature in next weeks newspaper, so keep your eyes peeled.
Quote Lesley Graham “I love my new eyebrows, thank you so much. Its been a rough year but there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can get back to yourself, with the help of skilled talented people like you”

Leslie Graham Cancer Survivor Gets Permanent Eyebrows At Glasgows MDB Image

When Lesley Graham discovered a small blemish on her right breast, she tried to ignore it, convinced it was nothing to worry about. But after it became tender, she had second thoughts and visited her GP. Tests revealed a cancerous tumour and she underwent a mastectomy along with gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But throughout it all, Lesley remained positive and was determined to beat cancer. Lesley, 38, from Barrhead near Glasgow, said: “Thankfully, the tumour was caught early on and the doctors were reassuring about what they could do.

“Being told I had cancer came as a complete shock but after the news settled in, I thought, ‘I can’t change it, so I’m not going to let it win.’”

Mary Spence Meets Cancer Patient Lesley Graham at MDB Image

The mum-of-two was determined to take control of the diagnosis and after undergoing five months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she made the brave decision to have her right breast removed. She said: “It was an easy decision to make as I didn’t want to live my life in fear of the cancer returning. I have absolutely no regrets and there are so many good mastectomy bras available to buy now that no-one would ever know”

“The worst part was going through chemotherapy as there were days when I felt very sick. But staying strong and focused helped me beat this. My message to others is that you can have cancer and still remain positive. It is a terrible illness but I didn’t want it to take over my life completely”

Lesley Graham Cancer Patient Before Eyebrow Tattoos Image

Lesley Graham Cancer Patient After Semi Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos Image

Lesley lost her eyebrows as a side effect of her cancer treatment. Lesley admits one of the most distressing aspects of the treatment was the thought of losing her hair. Having always been proud of her long, flowing locks, she had to come to terms with her changing appearance, something she says had a devastating impact on her. She credits the cold cap method – which freezes the scalp and follicles – for preventing her hair falling out completely.

She said: “My hair went very thin and straggly, so I had to cut it short. I always felt that you can’t hide your hair and every time you look at yourself, it’s a constant reminder that you’ve been ill. The cold cap method stopped my hair from falling out but I still lost my eyebrows and eyelashes, which affected my confidence”

Lesley would regularly wear fake eyelashes and pencil in her brows before leaving home each morning. She said: “I would spend hours in front of the mirror and tried to style my hair differently so it was less noticeable but nothing seemed to work. I was always proud of my appearance and I wanted to look just like everyone else. It’s hard enough coping with cancer and not looking like yourself made it worse. It’s a hard pill to swallow but I got on with it as best I could”

“I’d spend hours sitting in front of the mirror drawing on my eyebrows, making sure they looked right. I could just about cope with thinning hair but when my eyebrows almost disappeared, I thought I looked very strange. It took a lot of practice. I’d use expensive brushes and powders to give myself perfect brows. It got so bad I couldn’t even go on the school run without taking time to put my face on. It was taking over my life”

After doing some research, Lesley came across Mary Spence, who runs Million Dollar Brows and has more than 13 years experience in the beauty industry. The clinic has regular clients from all over Scotland and  a good few from around the world. Mary tattoos permanent and semi-permanent make-up on faces and, after a consultation, Lesley decided to go ahead with the £375 treatment.

She added: “Mary explained she can create natural-looking brows and as it is semi-permanent ink, it doesn’t go deep into the skin. It’s a little expensive at first, but when you consider that it doesn’t need topping up for two to three years, it’s worth it. Thankfully, it wasn’t sore or I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I can’t believe the difference and I finally feel like my old self again”

“My friends and family say I’m like a new person because I have a new-found confidence. When I think how much time and effort I spent drawing on my brows I can’t help but wish that I had got it done months ago. In fact, I love it so much, I’ll keep getting a top-up. Now, I’m cancer-free and have a new-found confidence, all thanks to Mary”

Semi permanent eyebrow makeup is tattooed on cancer patient Lesley's head image

Lesley’s head is carefully measured, the outline of the eyebrows is drawn, then Mary Spence applies the semi-permanent Tattoo ink to Lesley Graham’s brow

Mary, 34, also from Barrhead, started up her own business after spotting a gap in the cosmetic makeup market.

She said: “It’s always been something I wanted to do but a lot of people still don’t know anything about it. They are surprised when I tell them I tattoo people’s faces for a living. I have a range of clients coming to me for help. Some are like Lesley and suffer hair loss from cancer treatment, while others are busy working women who don’t want the hassle of having to style their brows every day. The technique works around the natural shape of the eyebrow. I tattoo a semi-permanent ink onto the skin to create a natural and even brow. I make sure they are perfectly symmetrical by drawing them on first. The treatment is painless and can take a few hours”

“It’s very popular in America and it’s not just brows that I’m tattooing. I also get women coming to me asking for semi-permanent lip-liner and eyelash extensions. They create a lovely natural look and you don’t have to spend so much time in the morning worrying about putting on your make-up”

Mary says the results last much longer than traditional waxing. She added: “Tattooing takes away the high maintenance involved in looking after them. I can only see it getting more popular. I’m now officially trained in medical tattooing and can tattoo the areola and nipple area for ladies going through mastectomies. Lesley really is an inspiration and conveys a great message to anyone battling cancer”

View alternative original article in the Daily Record newspaper here


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  • michelle phillips Posted 10th June 2017 7:12 am

    Hi mary. Your work looks amazing and serves a real purpose especially for those whom have medical conditions. I am Michelle phillips and I am an eyebrow specialist. I trained with Beauty Concepts International and qualified in SPMU a year ago so I am still perfecting my technique and learning. It was a natural progression for me but I was motivated primarily to embark on this because I wanted to perform treatments for people who have recovered from illnesses that effected their hair growth as a way of ‘giving something back’ I would appreciate your suggestion in the best outlining pencil to use as I use LCN pigments but would like a superior pencil. Thanks

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