How We Can Give Your Brows Definition And Volume//


Are your brows a little to short? Do your eyebrows lack real definition and just need a bit more volume? Are the tails too thin and the brow hair sparse? This lovely lady pictured below had all these issues before we set to work with the Million Dollar Brows magic wand. Our ultra realistic hair-stroke method soon rejuvenated these tired old brows and whipped them into fabulous shape.

Sparse Brows With Thin Tails Transformed


Don’t you just love these powder brows below! No hair-strokes are used in this technique. The results produced by the powdered eyebrow technique can be the most amazing style of brows, and as you can see, they have ultimate definition! The picture below shows the client immediately after her powder eyebrow treatment. Looking very new, these eyebrows will quickly heal and mellow out to appear as a soft mist of colour behind the natural brow hair, we think this client really suits her beautiful new powder brows.

Powder Brows Showing Ultimate Definition


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  • Sharon Donnelly Posted 28th March 2017 4:58 pm

    Hi im interested in getting semi permanent brows. Do I need to book a consultation appointment , thanks

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