Some Beautiful Results From This Weeks Brows Lips Buttocks And Botox//


Our client fell in love with these brows from today. The lady had hardly any natural brow hair left, so as always, we made these awesome new permanent brows from scratch. We are clever!

Permanent Eyebrow Styles Ombré Or Hairstrokes

Both Are Beautiful And Have Different Benefits. Which Do You Prefer?


DUO Fat Removal Treatment

Both of these treated areas will reduce up to 40% of fat cells, resulting in a flatter stomach. At skin aesthetics Glasgow we shape, sculpt and contour the body with a prescriptive unique approach. Start your journey to a slimmer you and just in time for summer!


3D 5 Point Lower Lift A Celebrity Favourite

Guess what? We are now offering a 3D 5 point lower lift which is a celebrity firm favourite. Targeting the stubborn fat on the ‘love handles’ abdomen and inner thighs, a bespoke non-surgical combination treatment which will banish up your 40% of fat cells in each area treated by Kerry at Skin Aesthetics Glasgow.

Did Someone Say Skin Tags?

We know that Skin Tags are notSkin-Tag-Removal-Glasgow-At-Million-Dollar-Brows the kind of thing we go around chatting about, but loads of people have them and hate them! You can rarely have them removed on the NHS.

Here at MDB we girls can help you! Its quick, easy and fuss free. We do not use liquid nitrogen, we carry out the Skin Tags Treatment using plasma.

Prices start at £150. This will increase not by area but by the number of tags you have. Let us know if you would like more information by commenting ‘TAG ME’ in the comments.

Technically we are also fully trained and qualified to remove moles, but we feel that this is job should really be carried out by a doctor. Moles have their very own blood supply and we recommend seeing your doctor for the treatment of moles …. just to be extra safe!

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