Restructure Your Eyebrows With A Brow Tail Lift//

Achieving a well balanced eyebrow will contribute to you having a much more youthful look. Β We do this by lifting the arch and realigning the symmetry of the brow. As the arch is lifted your eyebrows get realigned. Your eyebrow tails will be raised a little and lengthened. This creates a natural, non-surgical brow lift. No need for botox when you come to Million Dollar Brows! The ultimate goal is to replace your old brows with more perfectly, natural shaped brows that will astonish yourself and other people.

Eyebrow Tail Lift case study: This week we reconstructed one of our client’s brows, pictured below, by lifting the tail of her brows. The tail of an eyebrow should always be higher than the bulb or at least at the same level. This will open up the eye area and really frame the face of a person in perfect symmetry. As you can see from the pictures, our client’s original brows were a standard, sorry state of affairs from years of manipulation and plucking. You can clearly see how her new eyebrows are now in an almost perfect position to highlight and feature both her eyes and face.

Client’s Eyebrows Before & After Brow Tail Lift

Eyebrow Tail Lift Restructuring With Permanent Make-up Image

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  • Cynthia Johnson Posted 26th June 2017 3:05 pm

    Fantastic! I need this!

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