Clients Are Booking Their New Permanent Brows And Lip Augmentations Because They’ve Seen These Treatment Results At The MDB Clinic//

Stunning Results Of Yearly Permanent Brows Colour Boost Mary Spence

Check Out These Amazing New Brows

I love it when a lady leaves the clinic skipping with happiness. You can see why, if you look at the super realism we can create with our signature eyebrow technique. These new brows have taken taking years off this lady, and she told us in no uncertain terms!

Look Years Younger With Million Dollar Brows By Mary Spence

Wouldn’t You Just Love Brows Like These?


Over At Skin Aesthetics Glasgow

How Lovely Is This Natural Lip Transformation Though?


My client already had beautiful lips, so we opted for 0.55ml of Juvederm smile to naturally enhance the shape and volume.

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