Beautiful Body Enhancements Abound At MDB Due To Kerry’s Expertise//

Oh my goodness look at my lovely client’s incredible results 12 weeks after her 3D-Lipo Fat Freezing Treatment. A massive 5.5 inches lost 😍.


Benefits of 3D-Lipo Fat Freezing

β™₯Β Fantastic Results
β™₯Β Pain Free
β™₯Β Non-Invasive
β™₯Β No Downtime
β™₯Β Credible Alternative To Surgery
β™₯Β A Favourite with The Celebrities

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Natural Looking Lip Transformations

We can enhance your lips and make them look completely natural. Gorgeous, subtle lip transformation. How pretty are this girls lips pictured below?


Are You Serious About Your Skin Health?

Collagen is the ultimate beauty supplement. It helps support skin, hair & nail health and it stimulates new collagen production. Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body and loss of collagen is a significant cause of ageing and sagging skin. In a 10,000mg dose daily hydrolysed collagen has been evidenced to reduce wrinkle depth, improve skin hydration & stimulate new collagen production.


Zenii are award winning high performance skincare & supplements. Nourishing the skin from the inside out These products have been founded by Dr Joanna Ward and a team of dermatologist & scientists, to deliver the very best to you.


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