Beautiful Nanobladed Brows Video Plus Outstanding Acne Skin Resurfacing Results Achieved With PHFormula.//

Nanoblading Permanent Brows Client Results

At Million Dollar Brows we can’t rave enough about how amazing the new Nanoblading technique and equipment is. It certainly looks like Microblading’s crown as queen of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing might just be over. In the right, skilled hands microblading still produced startling results for client’s brows. But alas and move over, there is a new crowned queen of the brows in town and it’s she’s way more precise and exact when it comes to tattooing super-realistic hairstrokes. Going forward our new permanent brows treatment will be ‘Nanoblading’ and our clients are loving it!

So what exactly is Nanoblading? – Nanoblading is the very latest permanent brow treatment that uses ultra-sharp nano needles that magically mimic the exact diameter and dimensions of your real eyebrow hairs. These hairs sit just under your skin. Nanoblading enables us to carry out cosmetic tattooing without going too deep into your skin. We are only tattooing through the top layer into the upper dermis.


Video Showing Brows After Nanoblading

The most amazing and noticeable aspect of Nanoblading is the precision of the resulting hairstrokes, they are unbelievably real. No one will ever know you’ve had cosmetic tattooing. So what are you waiting for ladies, here’s a recent client video which will surely make your mind up, don’t hesitate to book your free consultation to discuss your Nanoblading requirements!

Acne Skin Resurfacing Results Achieved With PHFormula


Look at these outstanding acne skin resurfacing results achieved with the A.C. 1 solution from PH Formula. How amazing is this? How long do people have to suffer this confidence devastating situation. With PH Formula acne sufferers need not suffer in silence, sometimes for years.

Phformula has shown us that there really is no other way to treat acne effectively and restore the skin to a healthy, glowing condition.

More Picture Proof Of Miraculous Skin Rejuvenation

Book a FREE consultation & find out how we can help restore your beautiful skin, and let your hidden confidence shine through.

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