If You Want To Become a Hairstroke Eyebrow Tattoo Master Then Train With One Of The Best And Most Respected PMU Artists On The Planet?//


Want To Become a Hairstroke Master In 2019!

Do you want your Hairstroke brows to look crisper? Heal better? Look more beautiful than ever? And have your clients sing your praises to everyone they know? Of course you do!

Why not book one of our Hairstroke education days where you’ll get the unique opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Mary Spence herself. Our full day hairstroke brows training masterclass is currently available for just £799!

What you’ll learn from one of the world’s best PMU technicians will amaze your clients. They will walk tall adorning the most beautiful realistic Nano hairstrokes imaginable!

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This training workshop has been created for qualified permanent make-up technicians with a minimum of one years experience holding a valid insurance and PMU certificate which must be brought to your training day. This advanced education is perfect for those wishing to build on their existing skills and improve technique, with regards to hair-stroke design and placement. This class is a must have If you are seeking inspiration and love our brows and would like the opportunity to learn our signature technique.

As a student you will have the chance to work with Mary Spence on a live model giving you crucial hands on experience in the creation of our signature Million Dollar Brows technique. At the end of the training day students will receive a free copy of our in depth and up close MDB training DVD. The training DVD covers in great detail our complete Hair-stroke Eyebrow tattooing procedure from start to finish. This must have reference film will only be available to our students who have completed their days training session.

To book one of our training workshops,  CALL 0141 889 7013 or click the button below!

Quick Walk Through Video Of The MDB Clinic Where You’ll Learn From Mary Spence

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