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Ever wished you could just say goodbye to one of your eyebrows looking like Gucci and the other one like Tescos own basics brand? We get clients all the time who are so sick and fed up of being completely one sided with their make-up, but hey, it’s natural, we are all right or left handed, with the rare exception of a few gifted individuals. Not only is this a tragic situation that can go on throughout your whole life, it’s a nuisance full stop!

Thicker Fuller Brows Stealing The Spotlight On Holiday


At this time of year it isΒ especially disappointing since you’ll probably be off on holiday somewhere hot and exotic, all you skiers are obviously exempt from that comment!

Β Gorgeous Smoking Hot Permanent Brows Created From No Brows


Wouldn’t you just love that smoking hot bikini, the cocktail and the sunglasses to be complimented by a gorgeous the new set of eyebrows? obviously yes! We are all very good at practicing and nailing our sexiest poses that show off our best side, look great in selfies and of course show off our perfectly stunning new brows.

Featured Eyebrows & Lip Blusher By Mary Spence



Featured Client Showing Benefits Of Hair Follicle Simulation


We would like to feature the gentleman pictured above as a way of giving people suffering from hair-loss conditions some hope, hope that their condition has a solution using our modern PMU procedures. This lovely man is one of our many clients who suffers from Alopecia. This debilitating condition quite often reduces a person’s confidence to nil. Alopecia sufferers frequently have no bodily hair left, as you can imagine this may lead to self-esteem issues.

Using permanent make-up as a hair follicle simulation treatment, we are able to transform peoples lives who have quietly suffered for years from these hair-loss conditions. The gentleman in the picture had us create natural looking Eyeline hair follicles, just like small, yet realistic eyelashes. He reports that the treatment has made him feel a million times better already and he feels like his eyelashes and eyelids have returned to normal. We love our work!

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