Did You Know That Million Dollar Brow’s Beautiful Hair-stroke Brows Are Celebrated Worldwide?//


Beautiful Elegant Permanent Brows

There’s nothing more stunning than a nice natural hair-stroke brow to make you feel like a million bucks!

The Million Dollar Brows hair-stroke tattoo style has become incredibly popular in recent years. We are very humbled and amazed that this particular permanent eyebrow style is being used worldwide by many top PMU artists. We believe in some part this due to our years of practice and experience in developing extremely natural looking brows that can be thin and life like or thicker, fuller and bushy for a more ‘made up’ cosmetic look. This heavier but still super real style of hair-stroke brow has been all the rage on the catwalks for the last few years.

Hair-strokes are so natural looking, it is near impossible to tell that they are tattooed simulated hair strands at all. Brows created using the hair stroke method, in particular the ‘Signature Million Dollar Brow’ style is essentially proper use of the cosmetic tattoo needle to create lots of fine little hair like impressions by implanting colour pigments in a line just underneath the skin.

Look How Realistic These Brows Are!


The obvious advantage of hair-strokes is that anyone observing will never know your brows are not natural, real hair. Our signature hair-stroke brows are perfect for people that already have good eyebrow hair coverage, but are also perfect for people who want to re-create, or fill out gaps in their eyebrows where their eyebrow hair is missing. Since the hair-strokes can be applied to mimic the colour, thickness, fineness and angle of your brows, this style is in fact perfect for every client and we certainly do strive to make them perfect for each client everyday here at the MDB clinic.

Beautiful Natural Hair-stroke Brows


Here’s A Few More Million Dollar Signature Brows

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