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Expert Lip Augmentation Fillers Enhancements Scotlan

Fave Brows Of The Week By Mary & Paula

Featured Million Dollar Signature Hairstroke Brows of the week. Here’s a sneak peak at a couple of our favourite permanent hairstroke brows from the last few days at MDB HQ. The Permanent Eyebrow Work on these 2 lovely ladies was carried out by Mary Spence and of course the profoundly talented Paula McDonald.

If you want fabby brows like these girls above and are a bit hesitant, then please don’t be!!! All of our clients had the same apprehensions before their treatments and now all of them unanimously agree that they’ve never looked back! So, You know what to do, get in touch on here or on Facebook to book your free consultation.

Permanent Brows Are The Perfect Solution For Alopecia

Have you lost your brow hair to alopecia? We specialise in brow restoration using permanent make-up for both men and woman who have long suffered with hairloss. In particular, Alopecia which is an awkward, self esteem destroying, hairless skin condition which can really negatively impact a person’s confidence, in all areas of their life. The good news is that we have always achieved excellent and life affirming results for any client that came to us for a solution to their Alopecia condition.

Beautiful Permanent Brows Created For Alopecia Sufferer


It blows us away when we see peoples faces light up after their treatment. We can see that we’ve given them back the confidence to get on with their lives. If you would like to read more on the subject and the solution, and see real results, then we have a page on this website dedicated to medical conditions where permanent make-up is used to provide the perfect solution, read more here…

Meantime, please don’t hesitate to get it touch with us regarding this ‘Hairless’ condition, we have a solution!

Featured Skin Aesthetics Treatments This Week By Kerry At SAG

At Skin Aesthetics Glasgow we offer many skin treatments at the clinic. We use a tailored approach to suit each individual, to make sure that we get it right for every person every time. We care about your journey and your skin!

Before And After Pics Of Skin Peel Treatment

If you have any skin concerns/complaints or would like a boost in time for the summer months then get in touch with Kerry at the clinic. She’d love to hear from you! Call – 0788 102 6171 direct.

3D Lipo Skin Tightening Results Speak For Themselves

Real people, real results! This photo above is showing results before and after a 12 week period of 3d-Lipo skin tightening treatment. It’s truly amazing what you can do these days non-surgically for clients. No matter how much gym or exercise you do, it can only help so far with your skin toning. With 3D -Lipo skin tightening we can help you.

Lip Fillers To Suit Individual Clients

We offer a diverse range of lip fillers at the Skin Aesthetics Glasgow clinic that will meet everyone’s needs and wishes. Whether it’s a full body pout, a subtle enhancement, more definition or symmetry. We tailor our Lip enhancement treatments to suit each person during their free consultation. Just look at how amazing this client’s lips are below!

Expert Lip Augmentation Fillers Enhancements Scotlan

Get in touch to book in for your consultation with our resident Aesthetic Nurse.

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