Eyebrow Tattoos Corrected After Brows Were Tattooed Too High//


A Happy Eyebrow Rescue Story

Today’s featured story concerns a subject which is very close to our hearts. So many times a new client has come to chat with us, who is obviously in a state of shock, anger or downright misery after having their eyebrow tattoos carried out at a clinic by a completely incompetent PMU technician. This scenario always concerns us and at the same time gives us the opportunity to correct the bad tattooing work and bring the client’s uncomfortable angst to an end, with hopefully some happy relief for everyone concerned!

Soft Styled Hairstroke Brows On Bare Forehead

This scenario is what happened today at the Million Dollar Brows clinic, so we are feeling a little bit elated about this client’s corrected brows! This lady had a complete nightmare of a time with her eyebrows. The clinic where she had her brows done employed a technician who had ignored many of the fundamental rules and practices that are employed during the very important design stage of a permanent eyebrow tattoo.

The technician hadn’t paid too much care and attention to the very strict, tried and tested procedures that ensure every eyebrow tattoo is correctly applied in a very unique way, as befitting a client’s individual needs. Of course there is the other obvious reason this ‘bad brows’ scenario is occurring frequently in the PMU world, the fact that the technician was not highly qualified, experienced or just a very bad technician, oops! sorry!

In our example today, this poor lady’s eyebrows were tattooed too high on her forehead a few years ago by another clinic. Needless to say, she had felt very uncomfortable and just a little bit of a freak for a long time. Not very nice for the lady suffering in silence and her bad brows causing the opposite of self confidence.

 She came to us for a free consultation and we decided first of all her only option was laser tattoo removal! She was very worried when she was given this diagnosis and almost didn’t go ahead with the treatment! Fortunately she took our advice and visited our fabulous recommended laser removal specialist Mark Bradford.


Upon her return to the MDB clinic her bad brows had been successfully removed by Mark. This provided us with a near perfect blank canvas to work on. We designed and created a subtle, soft eyebrow look which was better located on her brow bone and in harmony with her facial shape. After the brow correction treatment was completed, she told us that she felt much better about her brows and was now a very grateful, self-esteem restored, happy lady!

What do you think of the lady’s corrected eyebrows? remembering they have just been newly tattooed on her completely bare skin?

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  • angie Posted 26th February 2018 2:11 pm

    Hi I have faded brows very faded really think after one amor two sessions of laser removal they will be gone, how much is it for a session to have them removed please? even rough guide, they aren’t bad

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