Do You Feel Totally Naked Without Your Make-up? We Don’t Ever Since We Got Our Complete Permanent Make-up Package!//


You’ll Never Feel Naked Again With Your PMU!

Perfect Permanent Makeup Combo Ombré Powder Brows Top Eyeliner Lip Contour Colour


The photo above on the left is our very own Mary Spence without any make-up! She doesn’t even have a drop of moisturiser on her face in this captured moment. The other picture of Mary on the right is the full works after she has applied some regular, additional make-up! Not a huge amount of difference there.

The point is you need never feel naked again! Well at least you’ll never be without your makeup ever!

In the photos, you may be wondering what is the permanent make-up and what is not? Mary’s PMU consists of Ombré Powder Brows, Natural Mini Top Eyeliner and Lip Contour Colour, in a very subtle, natural pink. This is just to define Mary’s lip shape. She can then apply her normal lipstick of choice over the perfectly contoured lip shape she already has in place.

Let’s not kid ourselves! We all need a little helping hand with nature when it comes to looking our best. We know we do!

At Million Dollar Brows we call permanent make-up your ‘make-up underwear’ so you’re never naked, EVER! You can always add more layers but you’ll never be bare!

You’ll never be naked ever again…

On the beach Answering the door to strangers Nipping to Waitrose

PHFormula Advanced Skin Resurfacing Now Available At SAG!

PHFormula-Advanced-Skin-Resurfacing-Products-At-Skin-Aesthetics-GlasgowWe are so proud to announce that we are the first clinic in Scotland to start working with the incredible, hugely talented, advanced skincare brand @phformulauk .

These advanced skin resurfacing products are absolute genius. I was absolutely blown away with this brand and it’s capabilities. We are so excited to start offering this to our fabulous clients.

PHformula has taken skin resurfacing to new levels; with dermatological, non-invasive and tailored skin resurfacing treatments based on over three decades of combined scientific, medical and skin health knowledge and experience.

If you are serious about skin, you will love these treatments and products!

For more information, prices or to book in for you skin consultation, simply drop us a DM. Alternatively call 0788 102 6171 and our Aesthetics Nurse will be happy to assist.

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