Actress Client Gets Movistar Brows And Looks Fabulous For Work!//


Lights – Camera – Action – Brows!

In today’s post we would like to feature a gorgeous young British actress.Β She’s a regular client of ours, who loves her stage and screen ready ‘classic style movistar brows’. This actress certainly makes a bold statement with her brows.

Full, thick, bold yet super defined. She very much suits this style of brows, which as you can see are epic and look like the classic Hollywood style of the old movie actresses. So if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to wear your permanent eyebrows, look no further. Take a look at our actress’s pictures above and below.

Before-After-Movestar brows beautiful actress-Hair-stroke-Eyebrows-Millio-Dollar-Brows-Glasgow

Permanent Brows Get Worldwide Celebrity Love

Permanent Brows are enjoying a huge popularity movement worldwide and it’s growing and growing. One of the main reasons for this recent surge in popularity is the fact that most of our well known celebrities, movie stars, models and pop stars are spreading the word, they love their hassle free, bold and beautiful cosmetic eyebrows. These ladies, and many gents, are up at the crack of dawn getting camera ready and ready for action.


From the moment they wake up they can face the day with the confidence they need knowing their brows are superstar perfect. From perfect hair-strokes to powdered or shaded, or a combination of both, we can create specifically for you the best movistar eyebrows in the business. Permanent brows done by a top PMU technician are designed to complement your facial features beautifully. We believe your brows can be the ultimate beauty statement.

Video Showing Young Actress With Her New Movistar Brows

Let us give you the Movistar brows look!

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