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Hello, Mary Spence here, thank you so much for visiting our website. Here are some  brief and important facts about myself. I began my career in 2003 as an HND qualified Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, ultimately finding my true calling in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. This is what I was destined to do.

I am extremely passionate about enhancing my clients’ natural beauty with permanent cosmetic eyebrow, eyeliner and lip colour services. Helping others feel good about their appearance is contagious; I feel I have contributed to their wellbeing and confidence.

After reaching my goal to be one of the best technicians in my field and seeking top quality training with many recognised and sought after trainers in the industry, my work is now internationally recognised. My credentials include gaining the prestigious award, Platinum Elite level, with Karen Betts Nouveau Contour and international training with Long Time Liner Germany. I am also a Permanent Cosmetic Colour Theorist, an award I achieved by travelling to the U.S. to train with the acclaimed permanent cosmetic colour theory trainer, Marjorie Grimm, SPCP.

Excellent training, good communication skills, and demonstrated technical skills are cornerstones of the permanent cosmetic industry. I am passionate about offering theses unique qualities to each and every client I am fortunate to work with.
June 2014
Elite training Masterclass with Nomii Waite and Claire Hobson
August 2014
Masterclass with Nataliya Yeremenko and Mary Richerdson
January 2015
Advanced 1-1 Colour Pro Class with Marjorie Grimm SPCP California
July 2015
Advanced Masterclass with Mary Richerdson
October 2016
Accepted into the SCPC as a platinum elite PMU artist

Nouveau Contour Aug 2013 to Sept 2015

  • 40 hours home study
  • Academy all-round training – 5 days
  • Cosmetic artistry – 1 day
  • Infection control and pain management – 1 day
  • Bronze Foundation Level assessment – 1 day
  • Brow perfecting – 1 day
  • Eye perfecting – 1 day
  • Lip perfecting – 1 day
  • Silver Experienced level assessment – 1 day
  • Advanced brows – 1 day
  • Advanced eyes – 1 day
  • Advanced lips – 1 day
  • Colour expert and correction techniques – 1 day
  • Advanced brows – 1 day
  • Advanced eyes – 1 day
  • Advanced lips – 1 day
  • Working with the educators – 3 days
  • Colour expert, correction and removal – 1 day
  • Digital skin-needling – 1 day
  • Gold advanced level assessment – 1 day
  • Karen Betts elite brows masterclass – 1 day
  • Karen Betts elite eyes masterclass – 1 day
  • Karen Betts elite lips masterclass – 1 day
  • Nipple and areola tatooing – 2 days
  • Scalp, camouflage and cleft lip – 2 days
  • Platinum Elite-level assessment – 1 day
  • Technique and confidence workshops – 4 days
All Round Training With Long Time Liner Munich Germany
Graduated With HND Beauty Therapy February 2003

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Meet The Team of Professionals We Have Trained With

Mary Spence Working On Clients at the MDB Clinic



Paula McDonald – Silver Level PMU Technician


Paula initially came to the Million Dollar Brows clinic to have her own brows done as one of our clients. She was super impressed by all that was involved in the process of the hair-stroke eyebrow tattooing technique. As fate would have it, a couple of weeks later we had advertised for the position of clinic receptionist, Paula applied for the job. At the interview she expressed a real passion for art, drawing and was inspired by the skills of PMU artists. She told us she would love to train as a permanent cosmetic make-up technician. It was at this interview that Paula decided to show us her own drawings and artwork. As you can see from the pictures below, she is one of those gifted people who can draw like there was nothing easier.

Hand Drawn Permanent Eyebrow Designs By Paula

Paula is one of those rare natural talents, a self taught artist who has also studied and qualified in graphic design at college level. She was going to be a graphic design teacher at one point. Following the interview at the MDB clinic we had a strong hunch that she was the right kind of talent needed at the clinic, so Mary immediately took Paula on as her own apprentice. First and foremost Paula is an amazing artist and now after months of painstaking training and practice has qualified already to ‘Silver Level PMU technician’ welcome aboard Paula, looking forward to the future, onwards and upwards!

Recent Million Dollar Brows By Paula
Quick Look Inside the Million Dollar Brows Clinic in Paisley

Close Up Of Mary Tattooing Client’s Permanent Eyebrows

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