Million Dollar Brows Has A Very Special Gift For Mothers Day//



Would Your Mum Love Some Fab New Brows This Mothers Day Sunday March 11th 2018?

Look at how naturally perfect these brows look! Whether it be tiny realistic Hairstrokes or a Fusion Ombré, we can design a brow for your mum that will be perfect for her. Your mother won’t be wasting valuable minutes everyday penciling eyebrows from scratch. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Just get in touch with us, our Gift Vouchers are available ready to be delivered by Sunday 11th March 2018!

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We certainly do have a great special offer on for mothers day!

We have been asked if we could provide you all with more details regarding this month’s Mother’s Day Vouchers.

You can buy the perfect gift certificate for all ladies of all ages and give them the gift of hassle free and beautiful permanent make-up. For Mothers day this month, why not take advantage of these popular gift certificates.



Yes, A Beautiful Gift For Mothers Day! Why Not Treat Your Mum To An MDB Voucher!

Nano Needling & Micropigmentation are beautiful art forms which once applied will last a very long time. Conventional make-up is a chore and as you know will smudge and fade throughout your busy day. Permanent Cosmetic Make-up won’t do this at all. Your make-up will stay perfect looking and intact from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you go to bed.

A Truly Unique Mothers Day Gift!

“What better treat for your mother than expertly applied make-up that doesn’t smudge or rinse off?”

Here’s what one happy lady had to say when she received her MDB gift voucher


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  • Elaine McMillan Posted 11th March 2018 9:44 am

    Looking for information about eyebrow tattooing

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