My Own Personal Fibroblast Eyelid Tightening Experience And Results By Mary//


Hello, It’s Mary Spence. As your senior consultant here at the MDB clinic, I thought it would be more than appropriate to report to you on the progress and experience of my own Fibroblast skin tightening treatment.

The results of my Fibroblast are shown on this page. I felt a need to feature my own results to further reassure our clients, who may still be undecided on the treatment, that we would only launch a new cosmetic treatment if we ourselves were truly passionate about it and had personally experienced the amazing results.

We have studied the Fibroblast technique for a long time and worked very hard to enhance our skills using this procedure. We were also very fortunate to experience a masterful education on the method, which included lots of real life practice sessions with willing clients. We therefore witnessed first hand the astonishing results produced by this state of the art, non-surgical skin tightening technique. We actually can’t believe how much we learned during the intense study period, this was essential in order to get our advanced level qualifications.

So, on with the report from my own upper eyelid Fibroblast experience! After the initial treatment, which doesn’t take very long at all, the swelling around my upper eyelids stayed for about 3 to 4 days and the tiny visible dots, carbon deposits, stayed for about 4/5 days. They still felt a tiny bit sensitive but were not actually painful and they were certainly not a major discomfort. All in all, a pretty smooth experience from the start of the treatment.

Before & Immediately After My Fibroblast Eyelid Treatment

Do you see a difference? I certainly do. First of all I noticed that my eyes were much smoother and that my eyeliner seemed to glide on with more ease. My eyelids now feel less heavy and the texture of my skin is so much better.

My Fibroblast Eyelids Now Healed After 10 Days Pictured Below


Was it worth it? I would definitely say yes! Having first hand experience of the treatment I can safely say to those of you who don’t fancy the idea of actual skin tightening surgery, the Fibroblast option is perfect. It’s a true non-surgical, non-invasive solution to sagging eyelids and problem loose skin areas, anywhere on your body! At a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery, less down time and as you can clearly see, great results, it’s the perfect alternative to surgery.

1 Month Later Fibroblast Results Update


Just a little update on my upper eyelid skin tightening Fibroblast 1 month later. I’m so over the moon with these results that I’m in a delightful state of Shock! And to be completely honest the results have exceeded even my expectations! I have produced and witnessed the Fibroblast results many times over on our clients, but to actually experience these excellent results myself has made me an extremely happy camper! It just goes to prove that going under the knife to reduce any excess skin that you may have isn’t always the only option!

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  • Mary Spence Posted 23rd March 2018 11:12 pm

    Hello, I am a spa owner in western Canada and my staff just underwent the training for fibroblast plasma lifts. Your website was one of the sites I looked at when I was researching the service, and I loved it. It was very informative and gave me enough information to determine that I wanted to bring in this service in and that it would be a good complement to the other services we provide at our spa.

    Having said that, the training went well, except I don’t feel like the trainer was very experienced and knowledgeable, even though they said they had 2 years’ experience in training with the plasma pen (I believe it was 2 years’ experience doing pmu training). And what I felt was even worse, the trainer had never had the treatment to experience everything involved in the treatment. Also, she just answered too many questions with “I think…” Needless to say, because my ladies had over 12 years’ experience in working with skin, lasers, microneedling, microblading, chemical peels, etc., they caught on super-fast and the lack of experience of the trainer did not hinder them in learning how to do the service. However, I’m skeptical of the post care they advised. Like putting vitamin e on post treatment and then advising to wash off in the evening and not to put anything else on for the next 7-10 days until the crusts came off. To me, that doesn’t seem right. She also said it was okay to wear mineral makeup after the first day which I don’t think is a good idea. It’s day 4 for me and I put make up on just before my morning shower to see if I wanted to wear makeup today…..no way…..It took 3 washes to get it off and it still wasn’t completely off as I was just using a gentle cleanser with my hands and it took some of the crusts off. Seems logical to me that makeup only when crusts fall off. With our microneedling clients we use various sterile serums (DMAE, DNA, HA depending on client needs) to nourish and promote wound healing for home care and we also use LED Redlight therapy after the tx. Would it be asking too much to ask what you recommend post treatment? I really appreciate any advice you could offer. Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,

    Crystal Kosa


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