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Professional Aesthetic Skin Treatments by Dermatology Therapist Linsey Dunn

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new skin clinic managed by our new aesthetic skin technician, Lynsey Dunn. We will now be offering a range of professional skin treatments with celebrity favourite brands such as:
Nouveau-dermatude meta therapy, Dermaplane pro skin health solutions, Chemical peels, Micro needling and LED light facial therapy.

More information on Lynsey Dunn

“I began my career as an aesthetic skin technician in the beauty & skin industry in 2007, training in non invasive treatments and working with renowned companies such as CACI international. From there I trained in advanced invasive treatments and gained further knowledge and skin qualifications from a English based company called Sally Durant. I now offer a range of professional treatments with celebrity favourite brands such as Nouveau-dermatude meta therapy, Dermaplane Pro Skin health solutions, which include chemical peels, advanced derma roller & micro needling and also the famous LED light therapy facials.”

“I have flare for creating individual and Tailor made skin programmes unique to each client’s specific needs. It gives me great satisfaction to empower both men and women helping them find a solution to problematic or ageing skin. I’m a strong believer in investing in your skin’s health as it’s your skin which will represent you for a very long time!”

To book an appointment with Lynsey:
Please call or text on: 0739 161 3283

Skin Treatments Now Available From Linsey

The 3 Dermaplaning steps:
Dermaplane, enzyme chemical peel then a collagen repair mask all included in the price. It will leave the skin smooth, radiant, and free from years of dead skin and vellus hair, that’s peach fuzz.

Enzyme Chemical Peel: Left photo shows the enzyme chemical peel that is used directly after the dermaplaning to dissolve any blackheads and smooth out skin, then a collagen repair mask is applied and can be taken home to use again. All 3 steps are included in the treatment.

Derma Roller Treatment: The right photo shows how a girl’s acne has been massively reduced by only 1 derma roller treatment and 3 dermatude sessions including blue light LED therapy.

Acne Scar Derma Roller

This client’s acne scarring was nearly completely cleared using a tailored skincare programme of acne scar derma roller treatments and dermatude.

After picture derma roller acne scar treatment image

Dermatude Pigmentation Equaliser

This client’s pigmentation was completely removed by a block of dermatude pigmentation equaliser. It has also given her a youthful glow and has visibly reduced the lines around her eyes.

Pigmentation removed by a block of dermatude pigmentation equaliser! Image

Red Light Collagen Therapy

This case study clearly shows how one of our client’s crows feet were greatly reduced by the anti wrinkle derma roller and red light collagen therapy she was treated with. Hence the reason this treatment is now very popular.

Reduced lines around the eye with red light collagen therapy image

Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Anti Wrinkle

This client achieved flawless, even & younger skin with only 2 hyaluronic acid & collagen anti wrinkle derma roller treatments. This was combined with red light collagen therapy. Her overall complexion has been transformed.

Younger skin with only 2 hyaluronic acid & collagen anti wrinkle derma roller treatments

Hand Skin Treatment Case Study

This lady’s left hand was treated only once with a dermatude stem cell & hylauronic acid treatment. As you can see her skin is more plumped & tight as it has been infused with vitamins and collagen using the art of meta therapy. This can be used anywhere on the body including the tell tale signs of ageing on the chest crease.

Client's Skin Condition Cleared up Image

Acne Sufferers Testimonial To Linsey Dunn

This was achieved by adjusting this clients skincare regime, blue light therapy & a course of soft anti bacterial chemical peels, The 3 pictures show the amazing transformation as the treatment progressed and the client’s words are the real rewards for carrying out this work. Thank you!

Lynsey Dunn Client's Testimonial Acne Removal Image

Price Lists For SkinPro Aesthetic Skin Clinic

LED-omega light therapy – A new favourite with celebrities the LED light is the strongest of its kind with a wave length of 640nm
Red light – Anti ageing, promotion of skin regeneration, promotion of blood circulation, increase uptake of active ingredients.
Blue light – Destruction of bacteria and acne. Inhibition of sebaceous glands, reduction of skin break out.
Green light – Soothing, improves sensitive skin, balancing mood and body
Yellow light – relief of redness(rosacea) and healing properties compliments other treatments.
£80 per treatment or £25 as an add on

Dermatude Meta Therapy – Meta therapy involves opening the skin barrier in a painless way using microscopic tiny needles, infusing the skin with active ingredients such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid and collagen.
This is a 100% natural form of skin regeneration. Perfect for a youthful glow for a special event!
Basic Facial Inc. Neck£70 add £7.50 for collagen repair mask.
Face/Neck/Chest crease £85
Face/Neck/Chest Crease and Hands £100
AWS – Anti Wrinkle Collagen Treatment Inc Mask£120
HES- Hyaluronic Acid Glow Treatment Inc Mask£110

Dermaplaning – a pain free extreme exfoliation of the skin using a surgical scalpel, removing years of dead skin and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). make up sits flawlessly and results can last up to 6 weeks. Collagen repair and intense moisture mask included.
Chemical peels – peel and reveal beautiful skin this soft superficial peel is pain free only penetrating the outer most layer of skin.40% glycolic acid. This peel has anti-bacterial properties and is ideal for exfoliation or blemish prone skin 14+ with signed parental consent.
£40 per peel
£200 for a block of 5 with skincare package.

Derma Roller – This treatment penetrates deeper than meta therapy, instant results however it takes one month for true results to show. Results can Last up to one year. Numbing Cream is applied beforehand to assure relatively pain free treatment.
All serums used to combination with derma roller are of high quality medical grade. Overnight collagen repair mask is also included with all Derma roller treatments.
CTS- Acne Scar Treatment/Tissue Remodelling Inc Mask£110
PCS- Anti Blemish/Oil Control For Smoother Clear Skin£110

Lynsey Dunn Light Therapy Facial After Dermaplaning Image

Do you have a pesky break out just in time for a special event or night out?

Why not try a soft pain free chemical peel?

Then relax under the LED lamp for blue light therapy that destroys acne & bacteria!

Please Call Linsey Direct or text her on: 0739 161 3283


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