Introducing Our New 3 Point Instant Results Facelift//


Hey Guys We Are Excited To Launch Our New 3 Point Instant Results Facial!

Throughout my beauty therapy and cosmetic make-up career I have tried lots of new fads, treatments and have tested a million new skin care regimes. Most were a let down and a few were absolutely amazing. Of course having a great skin care routine is essential as we age, but often we will feel that we need to go a little further to achieve the instant results we desire, faster results we would love to see without a long drawn out ‘hope it works’ waiting period.

At MDB headquarters we had a brainstorming session and decided we have everything in place to come up with a selection of our favourite, tried and tested, instant non-surgical facelifts that work. We have decided to package these brilliant treatments together and add them to our new and now most requested Fibroblast treatment. We feel this will be a fab new 3 in 1 facial package that will suit all clients and deliver those instant results we all desire.

Introducing Our NEW 3 POINT Instant Results Facelift!

♥ Permanent Brows – Lifts And Frames The Eyes


♥ Upper Eyelid Fibroblast – Visible Skin Reduction Instantly


♥ 2 Areas Of Botox – Softens Wrinkles And Crows Feet


So there you have it!

The 3 things I personally use and could say can’t do without. Combined these 3 treatments make me feel younger, fresher and I simply don’t feel the same without them.

At the same brainstorming session we also realised how popular our split payment option is for our signature eyebrows. We have therefore decided it would be a good idea to apply the same deal to the new 3 in 1 Facelift package. Our clients now have available to them a super affordable deal with the total cost spread over 3 easy payments of just £280!



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