Price List For Cosmetic Make-up Treatments//

‘We Now Offer Clients A 3 Part Split Payment Option For All PMU Treatments’

Million Dollar Signature Brows – £395 | Initial Deposit – £150 | Initial Visit – £150 | Final – £95 payable at your 4/6 week top-up


Your free, no obligation consultation allows you to meet with me and discuss your needs. At the consultation I will thoroughly analyse your skin tone, face shape and bone structure, then design a suitable treatment plan surrounding the goals you would like to achieve with permanent make-up. A free consultation can be booked or alternatively for your convenience we can schedule a consultation into your procedure appointment.

Signature Million Dollar Brows

The MDB look has been designed with you as a unique individual in mind. Your brows will be unique to you, and designed around your existing eyebrow hair. We create the most amazing results that blend beautifully with your facial features and skin tone. We can mimic each and every individual hair-stroke just like the real thing. At first we discuss colour and custom blend a pigment which works in harmony with you.
Collection Of Permanent Hair-stroke Eyebrows By Mary Spence Scotland Image
Here at the million dollar brows HQ we specialize in all things brows. We are so dedicated to our art, that we are always evolving and inventing new techniques! Whether you choose Hair-Strokes, Powder or Ombre Brows, we will guide you through the process and we guarantee the most beautiful, natural professional results possible. There is nothing we don’t know about eyebrows because we literally eat sleep and breath them! Is it any wonder we are internationally renowned for our Signature Techniques below:

Hair-strokes: Natural strokes are placed carefully to mimic real hair strokes.
Powder: A soft mist of colour replicating your favourite brow pencil.
Ombre: Soft powder that gradually fades to the front to give seamless edges.
Fusion: A blend of hair strokes and powder.

Brows By Mary Spence 

Two Sessions
Brows –  £395
Revisit (One Session) –  £199

Brows By Advanced Artist 

Two Sessions
Brows –  £275
Revisit (One Session) –  £150

Skin Tightening


Fibroblast Skin Tightening Consultation – Free
Upper Eyelids£550
Under Eyes£400
Crows Feet£250
Book Upper & Lower Eyes Together
(Get Crows Feet Free) –

Nasolabial Fold£250
Smokers Lines£450
Lower Lips To Chin (Includes Marionette Lines)£400
Smokers Lines & Upper Lips To Chin£800
Cheek Lines£350
Lower Face£1000
Full Face£2000
Rejuvination Starts At£350
A 2nd treatment is available 8 weeks after initial treatment for free. Any further treatments are at a reduced cost. Max treatments is 4 per area.

Million Dollar Diamond

We offer a great chance to save money if you are wanting to treat yourself to two or more of our treatments.

Million Dollar Diamond Permanent Make-up Package Image

Why not take full advantage of our Diamond full face package by booking and paying your deposit for any of the above treatments together and you will receive a 20% discount off the total amount of your treatments.

Medical Conditions

Permanent make-up can also be used for medical conditions such as Cleft Lip, male & female Scar Camouflage cosmetic make-up.

Scalp Camouflage Make-up


Scar Tissue Camouflage Tattoo


Price Per Scar Area £POA

Aftercare Prices

Maintaining your permanent make-up annual colour boost appointments within 12 months.
Any area which requires one treatment£165
Price when you require a top up treatment within a period of
12 to 18 months £200
18 months plus – Brows over 18 months will be priced based on how much colour remains, the work needed and the applications involved. This may end up being a new set of brows at a 10% discount.

Why Not Give Someone Special An MDB Gift Certificate?//

Million Dollar Brows Cosmetic Makeup Glasgow Gift Certificate Image

With an MDB gift voucher your someone special will be
  • Looking marvelous on Mother’s Day
  • Looking huggable at Hogmanay
  • Looking beautiful on her birthday
  • Looking voluptuous on valentines day
  • Looking cute on Christmas day
  • Looking hot on holiday
  • Waking up gorgeous every day
  • A half an hour extra in bed every morning, instead of in front of the mirror
  • The confidence that she always looks good straight out of bed, the pool or the shower
  • Weatherproof beauty that won’t wash off in the rain or sweat off in the sun
If you’re Looking for a special gift

Then you need to give a Million Dollar Brows permanent
make-up voucher. Just call the clinic direct, tell our manager you would like to purchase an MDB gift certificate. Tell her the value of the voucher you want to give as a gift and she will take your payment there and then, We will then arrange for the gift voucher to be delivered to your specified address.

Call us on0141 889 7013 today and buy a gift for someone they won’t forget!

It’s that easy!